After finishing film school in Katowice and spending a decade working in the Polish film industry, Piotr moved to Peru, where he focused on finding his visual voice. Today he lives between Lima (Peru), Warsaw (Poland), and NYC, crafting film projects that are both socially conscious and creatively challenging. 

He has worked as assistant director in the TV series “Czas Honoru” (“Time of Honor”, TVP, 2011), the film “Kamczatka” (Poland, 2013, dir. Jerzy Kowynia) and in multiple commercials, short docs and mixed formats. In Peru and the US, he worked as editor and camera operator for independent projects. In 2019 he joined the Yiddish Book Center’s Wexler Oral History Project in New York. In 2021 he graduated from Wajda School (Development Lab) and in 2021 started Screenwriting Programe.

“I believe that the combination of good craft, technical skills and creativity results in telling stories that cam movie mountains. I’m fascinated by cinema influence on our culture and everyday life. I seek collaboration that expands my creative repertoire of visual storytelling and narrative techniques.”


Top Picture: Andes Mountains, Peru (July 2016)